Brazil is one of the top quality producers of leather globally


Leather is a durable and flexible material created by the tanning of animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced through manufacturing processes.  Leather has always been considered as a luxury material.  But now there are different grades of leather available in the market which makes it economic for anyone to buy and wear it.

Brazil is one of the top quality producers of leather globally.  Work, innovation, and investments in technology and human capital have converged so that the tanning chain in the country reached excellence in products and procedures, becoming one of the most important in the global market.  Brazil’s tanneries produce top-quality leather used in the fashion, upholstery, automotive, and boating industries.  Brazil is one of the biggest leather suppliers in the world with exports of 28 million hides per year. Overall, more than 40 million hides are produced within the country, which is made even more impressive because of the sustainable practices used by many manufacturers including conservation of water, cattle farm fair-trade practices, and organic tanning technology (chrome-free, without the use of heavy metals).

With this growth, there are opportunities for companies of all sizes to buy Brazilian leather directly from the source.  One means to do so is through, a comprehensive directory of Brazilian companies, including Brazilian leather, tanning and cowhide companies. is a B2B trade marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect to transact business, and buyers can use to source leather products directly from the manufacturer.

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