Brazil produces and exports halal chicken


Islamic laws are very specific with respect to food and Muslims seek to eat foods defined as “Halal”, which is defined to be “that which is allowed”. In order to obtain a “Halal” designation, the conditions of Islamic animal breeding and processing must be met.

Essentially, animals bred for meat must not have consumed any meat or meat by-products. Pork is strictly forbidden under Muslim law. Examples of permissible animals are cows, sheep and goats. Avian meat, like poultry or duck, may not feed on avian meat. Finally, there are blessings and slaughter requirements to be accomplished by a Muslim.

Due to the large global population of Muslims, Halal represents an important opportunity for exporters to access overseas markets, especially in the Middle East and South East Asia.  Brazilian producers have developed an industry in Halal chicken with growing export opportunities.  Brazilian halal can be purchased online by visiting B2B trade portals like, Brazil’s premiere B2B trade portal. Several companies offer halal chicken prepared according to Islamic requirements and ready for export.

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