Now you can buy hand-made Brazilian jewelry and stones direct from the source


One of Brazil’s hidden treasures is its hand-made jewelry industry.  This jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes and qualities.  Hand-made jewelry can be expensive as designed by Brazilian designers with platinum, gold or silver and with precious stones found in Brazil.  It can also be moderate-to-low priced, designed using semi-precious stones and natural materials found in Brazil.  Finally, it can be made only with indigenous seeds and plants, called bio jewelry.

As one might expect, high-end Brazilian designers produce pieces with quality as good as anywhere found in the world.  This is particularly true as the demand for luxury items has increased.  Pieces are products with platinum, gold and silver as well as precious stones like diamonds, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

The next level of designers produce pieces using semi-precious stones with precious metals or combined with natural materials found in Brazil.  A semi-precious stone in abundance in Brazil is Amethyst, which is produced in the state of Minas Gerais where it occurs in large geodes within volcanic rocks.  Brazilian semi-precious stones also include agate, amazonite, quartz (blue, cherry, clear, rose), garnet, mother of pearl, onyx, and turquoise.

The most indigenous hand-made jewelry comes from natural materials from the Amazonian rainforest, the largest forest in the world and the last big area covered with tropical plants and animals. Bio jewelry (eco jewelry) is made with material furnished by nature.  This type of jewelry is made only with seeds and plants – bio jewelry – including açaí seeds, jupati seeds, buriti seeds, coconut fiber, jarina seeds, and golden grass.  You can find necklaces, bracelets, earrings and chokers made from these materials and others.

In the past, you could only find Brazilian hand-made jewelry and stones in specialty stores outside Brazil or when travelling through Brazil as a tourist.  But today, with the advent of the Internet and globalization of trade, Brazilian hand-made jewelry and stones can be obtained directly from the source.  There are Internet websites to help find the producers of the materials and of the jewelry.  ‘ is one of those website services, promoting Brazilian companies selling all facets of hand-made jewelry from sellers of precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones and natural materials such as seeds and plants. also promoted companies and individuals that produce jewelry like Charles Dorli Bueno Artesanatos ME, producing special jewelry pieces made of uniquely Brazilian materials.

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