Youxing: Best of powerbanks and portable chargers

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Charge Easily

Compact and efficient the power bank/portable battery charger works as extra battery for your mobile and other electronics.

Youxing’s power banks/portable chargers are light. They are recommended for people that do not want to carry extra weight but want to charge their mobile at anytime, anywhere.



Youxing has different models of portable battery charger/powerbank. Among others they have:




powerbank QF50 youxing


Qf50 is a modern and ultra powerful portable charger/power bank with colorful design and 5000mAh. Suitable for any kind of mobile and also tablets, cameras and portable games console.




powerbank - temp



BX250 is the most portable of all models.  Youxing’s Slimline portable battery charger/ powerbank has 2500mAh and can fit into your wallet! Best for those who seek convenience and functionality.



Dream Girl



Dream Girl is the Ladies mirror makeup portable power bank. Elegant design and great performance (3000mAh). Exquisite elegance gift cosmetic mirror hand crank is small, light and efficient. Youxing offers brand customization (promotional power bank) on this model and in others. If you would like to know further information, please contact them by clicking here.


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