How to buy scrap metal globally and online

glomex scrap metal


Scrap is globally recognized as recyclable materials left over from product consumption that has significant monetary value.  Scrap metal typically end up in scrapyards where it is processed and eventually melted.  In addition to the obvious savings in raw materials, using recycled scrap metal can yield savings in energy and reduction in air and water pollution, use of water, and mining wastes.

The process of recycling has been around for centuries, ever since people began to melt metals and shape them into tools, weapons or utensils.  Many metals are great for recycling, but there are five main scrap metals:

As the world gets smaller due to trade and technology, buying scrap metal has become global and easier.  Access to larger quantities of scrap metal is not driven so much from buying from sellers who are in the same city, state or country.  Buyers can now purchase at best prices globally.  For instance, Glomex is a scrap metal company based in Brazil that sells all 5 of the major scrap metals, and sells globally at some of the lowest prices in the international market.  Even after shipping and import costs are factored in, purchasing from abroad can be much cheaper than sourcing locally, especially when you are buying from countries with devalued currencies like the Brazil’s currency.

Further, advances in technology allow buyers and sellers to connect online.  The Internet facilitates buying and selling of scrap as people can visit websites selling scrap locally and globally.  Buyers are also able to enjoy competitive prices because prices are transparent online and this allows them to find the most suitable deals.  To further ease the process for buyers, there are websites with verified sellers such as Glomex.

If you are looking to buy scrap metal, you can source it from verified sellers via, Brazil’s largest B2B trade portal, located at  Not only can you source products at an incredible price, but you can also connect with sellers like Glomex who are verified and have experience exporting scrap metals (including copper, aluminum and iron) globally.


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